Colorado Dem Gov Candidate’s Campaign Rollout Goes Horribly Wrong

Yesterday, Colorado Democrat Cary Kennedy’s campaign rollout for the 2018 Colorado governor race didn’t exactly go as planned. Ten days into Distracted Driving Awareness Month, the former state treasurer decided to announce her campaign for governor live while driving a moving vehicle, glancing at prepared notes she tried to hide on her dashboard in bizarre fashion.

KUSA-TV reports:

“Former state treasurer Cary Kennedy, a Democrat, announced her run for governor from the driver’s seat of a moving car in a Facebook live video Monday, appearing to glance at a set of notes while operating the vehicle…

9NEWS reviewed the video and noted that Kennedy appears to glance down at notes approximately 14 times before pulling into a driveway at approximately 1 minute and 40 seconds into the video.

As she exited the vehicle, the camera captured what appear to be a series of notes behind the steering wheel on Kennedy’s dashboard.”

The story came just three days after Colorado Public Radio reported on an “epidemic of distracted driving” plaguing Colorado. Cary Kennedy’s poor rollout even gives Florida Democrat Andrew Gillum a run for his money for when it comes to botched 2018 Democrat campaign rollouts. Perhaps Kennedy should spend more time focusing on the road than advocating far-left positions that will drive Colorado families backward.