Colorado Dem Gov Candidate Jared Polis Struggles To Give Voters A “Straight Answer” On Policy Proposals

Colorado Democrat gubernatorial candidate Jared Polis continues to flop on the campaign trail. Last week, he admitted there are no “serious proposals” to achieve his central campaign promise of moving Colorado towards 100% renewable energy by 2040. Now, Polis has been forced to concede that he has no idea how he is going to pay for any of his other central campaign proposals either.

Asked by an undecided voter how he plans to fund his radical far-left proposals, including single-payer health care, Polis failed to provide any details, admitting he doesn’t “know the answers.” When the voter responded that Polis hadn’t answered his question, Polis dug himself into an even deeper hole, saying “I can’t give you a straight answer.”

Polis thinks he can get elected by making pie-in-the-sky promises to his base without taking accountability for the consequences. Unfortunately for him, Colorado voters are catching onto his act. It’s time he gives them “a straight answer.”

The Colorado Independent Reports:

“As he travels the state campaigning for governor and talking about these ideas, though, the question about how a Governor Polis would fund these proposals inevitably comes up, as it did on Sunday in the living room in Parker.

‘How do we pay for it?’ asks Dave Perrett, who says he is undecided in the race.

‘I don’t pretend to know the answers,’ Polis tells Perrett about funding. ‘It’s not how Jared Polis wants to pay for it— it’s not even how you want to pay for it— it’s how your more conservative friends and neighbors want to pay for it. Do they want a gas tax? I don’t know. Do they want a [hike in] vehicle registration? I don’t know what people want— you find that through political research.’

Following his pitch, Polis walked toward Perrett, who had asked him about funding his plans. ‘Did I answer your question?’ he asked. ‘Honestly, no,’ Perret told him. Polis said he isn’t trying to be evasive even though it might seem that way.

‘I can’t give you a straight answer,’ Polis said.”