CNBC: Mainers got a pay cut with Mills’ support

Photo credit: Robert F. Bukaty, AP

Prices are up. Wages are down. And families are falling deeper into debt as they struggle to keep up with soaring costs as a result of Biden’s reckless spending that Governor Janet Mills supported.

According to CNBC, Americans took an average 2.4% pay cut last year as high inflation burned through paychecks.

Worse, families are now being driven into debt to keep up with rising costs. Average household debt is increasing quickly, now up 6.2% from a year ago.

Still, Mills teamed up with D.C. Democrats to increase home heatings costs and signed a bill to balloon Mainer’s grocery bills.

“Democrats’ reckless spending, supported by Janet Mills, set off an inflation crisis that’s driving costs up, wages down and forcing hard-working families further into debt to keep up,” said RGA spokesman Will Reinert. “Mainers are sick of Governor Mills making life more expensive for them.”