Clear Contrast In Minnesota Governor’s Race: Jeff Johnson Wants To Slash Taxes, Tim Walz Wants To Raise Them

Minnesota voters will have a clear choice this November in the race for governor, between tax-hiking D.C. politician Tim Walz and Republican reformer Jeff Johnson. Jeff Johnson wants to lower taxes, while Tim Walz to raise them.

WCCO reports that, “Johnson is promising to slash state programs and your taxes, and Rep. Walz is saying just the opposite–even calling for a gas tax hike for infrastructure improvements.”

This isn’t the first time Tim Walz has expressed his admiration for tax increases. Last month, Walz said other tax hikes in addition to the gas tax “might be needed” and that “he couldn’t rule out other tax increases.”

D.C. politician Tim Walz thinks the only solution to Minnesota’s problems is yet another tax hike, but Minnesotans can reject that approach by voting Jeff Johnson this November.