claws (& secret texts) are out in FL Dem primary 😬

Photo credit: Florida Dept. of Ag. and Consumer Services

Ron DeSantis is the $100 million man, and yet with the Florida Democrat primary for governor is still over 4 months away, it is only getting uglier.

Charlie Crist may still be leading in fundraising and polling, but that hasn’t stopped Nikki Fried from stating unequivocally she is “confident” she’ll win. Apparently Fried is planning to ignore the secret texts suddenly being sent to primary voters bashing her, and instead is moving forward with her primary strategy: full on attack mode.

In an interview this weekend, Fried was exasperated that primary voters are preferring Crist to her, and she went off:

“The people of our state want a true Democrat,” she said.


Williams pressed Fried on her remark.


“Look, every single issue that we as Floridians are fighting for today — whether that is access to affordable health care, whether that’s affordable housing, our environment, to criminal justice reform, to medical marijuana and legalization, to civil rights, to criminal justice reform, you name the issue — unfortunately, Charlie was on the other side of it,” Fried said. “When he was a Republican for most of his career, including anti-gay marriage, anti-gay adoption, including pro-life his whole life, so the issues that Floridians are facing here today are not the issues Charlie was fighting for his entire career.”

“Make no mistake, regardless of who Democrats nominate as their candidate, he or she will be Florida’s most liberal Democrat candidate for governor in recent memory,” said RGA spokesperson Joanna Rodriguez. “In their desperation to secure the nomination from an increasingly liberal base, Charlie Crist, Nikki Fried, and Annette Tadeo have staked out unpalatable positions that will surely be rejected in November – that’s if they don’t destroy each other first.”