Chicago Tribune Endorses Governor Bruce Rauner For Re-Election: “Re-elect Rauner to give Illinois a fighting chance”

The Chicago Tribune has endorsed Republican Governor Bruce Rauner for re-election, citing Rauner’s willingness to take on the politicians and special interests in Springfield, and his opposition to tax hikes and runaway spending that threaten the future of Illinois. “Armed only with a veto pen and a bully pulpit,” Rauner takes on the tax-hiking politicians and stalemates them.

In contrast, the Chicago Tribune blasts J.B. Pritzker for promising to “empower” the very interests that have brought Illinois to the brink. “Pritzker, eager to oblige, wants more tax increases, no matter the damage to the private-sector economy,” writes the Chicago Tribune. “As if what Illinois needs most is more reasons for its employers and workers and young people to leave.”

The Chicago Tribune explains,

If Pritzker wins, he’ll empower the same Democratic leaders who have heaped enormous benefits on public employee unions and other pet constituencies; in return the politicians reap the campaign money and muscle that keeps them in control. Owing to the Democrats’ chronic overpromising, overspending, overborrowing and overtaxing, Illinois citizens, their children and grandchildren face vast public debts they may be unable to repay.

…Ask yourself whether another dose of unchecked rule by Democratic leaders will restore Illinois to the prosperity and opportunity for which it once was famed.

Then ask whether a second-term Rauner would do exactly what he has tried to do in his first term: deprive those Democratic leaders of their wretched excesses in spending and taxing.

That answer to that is yes, as the Democrats know.

They loathe Rauner. He often stalemates them. Armed only with a veto pen and a bully pulpit, he blocks their exclusive dominion over lawmaking.

Which is precisely why we endorse Bruce Rauner, and urge you to re-elect him governor of Illinois.