Is Charlie’s Ad an Audition to Go Back to Morgan & Morgan?

Photo credit: Joe Raedle

You’d think Charlie Crist was auditioning for his return to Morgan & Morgan, not running for governor, given the personal injury lawyer vibes of his latest TV ad. Fortunately for Charlie, his lackluster fundraising means he can barely even afford to air the really embarrassing ad where voters would see it.

“The only thing that hasn’t changed about Charlie Crist through his long career is that voters still can’t trust him,” said RGA spokesperson Joanna Rodriguez. “If Charlie wants to talk about costs to taxpayers, maybe he needs to be reminded how he raised taxes by $2.2 billion the last time he was governor, his votes against tax cuts and how his votes to spend their money in Washington have led to the highest inflation rate in 40 years, or how he’s collecting $174,00 taxpayer-funded salary for a job he’s only shown up to 4 days this year.”