CAUGHT ON TAPE: MD Dem Gov Candidate Ben Jealous Admits Socialized Healthcare Plan Will Cause Mass Layoffs

It’s not everyday you see a gubernatorial candidate promising to lay off thousands of people in a vital industry, but that’s exactly what Maryland Democrat Ben Jealous is pledging.

In June, Jealous said that he “plans to push for a state-run, single-payer health-care system if he wins the governorship.”

Single-payer healthcare is a socialized system in which the government bans private insurance. The vast majority of Marylanders would be forced off their current healthcare plan.

Asked about what would happen to the employees of Maryland health insurance companies under his plan, Jealous openly admits that “the reality is that some folks will have to find a different job.”

Watch here.

Ben Jealous’ promise to lay off health insurance sector employees poses massive risks to Maryland’s economy.

Service sector jobs, especially those in the healthcare industry, have fueled Maryland’s recent economic growth, helping pull Maryland’s economy out of the Great Recession. Maryland’s 10th largest employer is BlueCross BlueShield.

Ben Jealous’ candid openness to abolishing private insurance and laying off an entire sector of the economy is dangerous for Maryland.