Can’t Make This Up: Maryland Dem Ben Jealous Says Better Accounting Will Pay For Massive Spending Plans

Maryland Democrat gubernatorial candidate and left-wing activist Ben Jealous has proposed a litany of spending increases, including what he describes as “free” college and a state takeover of Maryland’s healthcare system. Despite consistently dodging questions about how much his pie-in-the-sky spending plans would cost, Jealous is somehow claiming that he can pay for his plans by simply implementing “better accounting.”

WBAL reports that in response to questions about how he would implement his new education spending proposals, Jealous reportedly said “said much of what he wants to do can be achieved with better accounting.”

It raises the question – is Ben Jealous even serious about being honest with his spending plans? Ben Jealous needs to get specific – how much will his plans cost, and how much money can be saved through “better accounting?” What programs would he cut? How high will taxes have to be raised?

At a gubernatorial forum last week, the Baltimore Sun reports that Ben Jealous again refused to answer how much his plan would cost even though “he has been pressed for details on how to pay for it.”

It’s time for other Democrat gubernatorial candidates – including Kevin Kamenetz and Rushern Baker – to weigh in. Do they agree with Jealous’ radical plans? Neither have made their positions known, demonstrating that the entire field of Democrats running for governor is content to leave voters in the dark about their most basic policy positions.