“Break The Tape”: Governor Kevin Stitt Empowers Oklahomans As Secret Red Tape Cutting Weapon

Building on his record as a successful entrepreneur and job creator, Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt is bringing his private sector know-how to modernize state government and get rid of burdensome barriers to starting a business and growing jobs.

As part of his plan to make Oklahoma a Top Ten state for businesses and jobs, Governor Stitt is making cutting red tape and easing the regulatory burden on Oklahoma’s job creators a 2020 top priority – and he has a secret weapon.

Governor Stitt is bringing the fight to the people of Oklahoma and empowering Sooner Staters to help “Break The Tape” by reporting any costly, ineffective, or duplicative regulations that are impacting their livelihood.

Make no mistake – the governor and his administration are doing their part too. With over 145,000 regulations on the books, totaling 9.3 million words, Governor Stitt took immediate action to right-size government this month. The governor signed an executive order creating the first comprehensive review of Oklahoma’s administrative code in state history and requiring each state agency to remove two regulations for each new one that is created. This historic executive action is the first step toward Governor Stitt’s goal of a 25% reduction in state regulations by the end of his term.

Republican governors like Kevin Stitt continue to empower citizens and implement solutions to make state government more responsive, innovative, and efficient for the people they serve.