BOMBSHELL: New Report Details Alleged Abuse By Nevada Democrat Steve Sisolak Against Ex-Wife

Nevada Democrat gubernatorial candidate Steve Sisolak is facing new controversy with the release of disturbing new allegations of abuse by his ex-wife.

According to a new report in the The Daily Caller, Lori Ann ‘Dallas’ Garland alleges that Sisolak left her with a bruised neck during an altercation after she filed for a divorce from him in 2000 and provided photos to support her claim. Garland also stated that Sisolak treated her like “a total prisoner” during their 13-year marriage and drove a wedge between her and her two children. Four of Garland’s friends came forward to The Daily Caller to corroborate her story.

These alarming new allegations raise serious questions about Steve Sisolak’s character. He owes Nevada voters answers.