BOMBSHELL: Andrew Gillum Took Hamilton Ticket From Undercover FBI Agent, Then Lied About It At Least Five Times

A new report from The Tampa Bay Times is shedding even more light on Florida Democrat Andrew Gillum’s astonishing dishonesty.

According to text messages that the Florida Commission on Ethics procured via subpoena, Gillum received a ticket to the Broadway show Hamilton from an undercover FBI agent on a trip to New York City in 2016.

On top of this new evidence, records show that Gillum and his campaign lied to voters about the Hamilton ticket on at least five different occasions, insisting that “I never took anything I did not pay for myself.” Just last Sunday, when asked about the ticket during a CNN debate, Gillum said that he pays “for his own vacations” and “that he didn’t get anything…for free.”

Andrew Gillum took a gift from an undercover FBI agent, then repeatedly lied about it to voters. Floridians can’t trust him to be ethical and they can’t trust him to be honest.