Big Labor Union Bosses Love Chris Koster

Big Labor Union Bosses are all-in for Missouri Democrat gubernatorial candidate Chris Koster. As the Kansas City Star reports, Koster has accepted more than $2 million in contributions from labor unions over the past 6 months, including $320,000 in the past week alone. Labor Unions are confident Koster would stand up for them over taxpayers in the governor’s office, continue opposing Right-To-Work legislation, and help force thousands of Missourians to send part of their paycheck to the Labor Union Bosses’ coffers.

The Kansas City Star reports:

“Attorney General Chris Koster has taken in more than $320,000 in donations this week from labor unions. That brings the total donated by unions to Koster – the Democratic Party’s presumptive nominee for governor – to more than $2 million in the past six months. Koster has enjoyed huge labor support, thanks in part to his vehement opposition to a right-to-work law, which would prohibit requiring an employee to become a union member or to pay dues to a labor organization as a condition of employment.” 


Big Labor Union Bosses Are Putting Their Money Behind Koster

“Labor Unions Know How High The Stakes Are With The Governor’s Mansion Up For Grabs.” “Labor unions know how high the stakes are with the governor’s mansion up for grabs. They are putting their money behind Democratic candidate Chris Koster — who has in the past received support from Sinquefield — in an effort to maintain veto power to block right-to-work.” (Paul Blumenthal, “How This Missouri Mega-Donor Is Making His Pet Projects Part Of The 2016 Elections, The Huffington Post, 12/16/15)

Labor Unions “Are Putting Their Money Behind Democratic Candidate Chris Koster.” (Paul Blumenthal, “How This Missouri Mega-Donor Is Making His Pet Projects Part Of The 2016 Elections, The Huffington Post, 12/16/15)

 “‘All Of Labor Knows That If Koster Does Not Win That Seat Then We Will Be Right-To-Work Shortly After,’ Said Mark Dalton Of The St. Louis-Kansas City Carpenters Regional Council.” (Paul Blumenthal, “How This Missouri Mega-Donor Is Making His Pet Projects Part Of The 2016 Elections, The Huffington Post, 12/16/15)

 “The Sole Democratic Candidate For Governor, Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster, Took In $100,000 On Sept. 8 From Detroit-Based UAW-V-Cap, The Union’s Voluntary Community Action Program.” (Diana Barr, “Greitens Gets $500,000 From Silicon Valley Investor; Koster Gets $100,000 From UAW,” St. Louis Business Journal, 10/1/15)

“His Campaign Also Took In A $50,000 Donation From Law Firm Simmons Hanley Conroy Of Alton, Illinois, On Sept. 17.” (Diana Barr, “Greitens Gets $500,000 From Silicon Valley Investor; Koster Gets $100,000 From UAW,” St. Louis Business Journal, 10/1/15)

“State Attorney General Chris Koster (D) Picked Up A $10,000 Donation From A Local Sheet Metal Workers Union After Attending An Anti-Right To Work Rally Over The Weekend.” (Karyn Bruggeman, “Republicans United In Favor Of Right To Work,” The Hotline, 9/15/15)

Koster Pledged He Would Not Sign A Right-To-Work Bill As Governor

In February 2016, Koster Pledged Not To Sign A Right-To-Work Bill As Governor. “To all four Republican candidates, being on the side of business means supporting right to work, while Koster pledged not to sign a right-to-work bill as governor.” (Rebecca Martin, “Candidates For Governor Make Pitches To State Chamber,” Fulton Sun, 2/19/16)

VIDEO: Koster Opposes Right To Work Legislation. ANCHOR: “Now to politics. Insisting it’s about economic development and not union busting, right to work is back on the front burner at the Missouri legislature. For the fourth year in a row Springfield Republican representative Eric Burlison is pushing his controversial bill banning unions from charging dues to nonunion workers. And today a democratic house-member from St. Louis rolled out a similar bill targeting the construction trades. Governor Nixon said any right on work legislation that reaches his desk will be vetoed like last year. KY 3’s political contributor Eli Yokely expects this issue to loom large in next year’s governor’s race.” ELI YOKLEY: “For a long time republicans have been saying that the only way to get this passed is with a republican governor unless you want to put it on the ballot. I think labor unions already are talking about how they are willing to spend big on this governor’s race because it’s a pretty big moment for them. Chris Koster, he’s against right to work, so is Jay Nixon. Jay Nixon will have been in for eight years threatening to veto the policy.” (KYTV, 2/4/15)

Koster “Has Been Vocal In His Opposition” To Right-To-Work. “Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster, the only major Democrat seeking the post, has been vocal in his opposition. Koster recently addressed labor activists at an anti-right to work event, while several GOP candidates addressed like-minded lawmakers at a gathering in the House gallery before the vote.” (Jo Mannies, “‘Right To Work’ Effort Fails,” St. Louis American, 9/15)

A Gallup Poll Of Missouri CEOs Commissioned By The Missouri Chamber Of Commerce Found 54 Percent Strongly Agree That Right-To-Work Would Benefit The State, And Prospect Flow Would Rise To 60 Percent. “The Missouri Chamber of Commerce commissioned a Gallup poll of CEOs in Missouri and consultants who find sites for business expansion. It found that 54 percent of CEOs ‘strongly’ agree that right-to-work would benefit the state, said Chamber President Dan Mehan. The site selectors estimated that ‘prospect flow’ — businesses looking at Missouri as a possible location — would rise 60 percent if right-to-work became law.” (Jim Gallagher, “Why Missouri Unions See Right-To-Work As A Threat,” St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 5/14/15)

A National Gallup Poll Found 71 Percent Of Americans Favor Right-To-Work Laws. “In an update of a question asked in 1957, 71% of Americans said they would ‘vote for’ a right-to-work law if they had the opportunity to do so, while 22% said they would vote against such a law. That is a slightly higher level of support than Gallup measured nearly 60 years ago.” (Jeffrey M. Jones, “Americans Approve Of Unions But Support ‘Right To Work,’” Gallup, 8/28/14)