Biden leads Dem Govs down dangerous path

Photo credit: Reuters

It’s a double whammy for Joe Biden and Democrat governors this morning who continue to back policies that are making it harder for families and small businesses to recover from the pandemic.

The Washington Post: “Prices were up by 5 percent in May compared with a year ago, the largest increase since the Great Recession, continuing a steady climb in inflation even as policymakers insist on staying the course.”

This comes as Axios notes Democrats face serious political risks if people continue to lean on the enhanced federal unemployment benefits included in the last Democrat-led stimulus bill instead of returning to work. Meanwhile, 25 Republican governors have ended the program in their states.

Axios: “The staff shortfalls Americans are finding as they head to restaurants and summer vacation spots illustrate the risk for Democrats over whether the government’s extra $300 per week in enhanced unemployment benefits is to blame.”

Republican governors continue to fill the void left by a president and national Democrats who are content with liberal economic policies that are doing nothing to address the rising cost of goods and services and sluggish job growth.