Bend Bulletin Endorses Knute Buehler For Oregon Governor

The Bend Bulletin, Knute Buehler’s hometown newspaper, has endorsed his campaign for Oregon governor, noting that Buehler is “the best choice for Oregon.” This is the fourth major Oregon paper to endorse Buehler this week.

The editorial goes on to state that, under Kate Brown, Oregon’s metrics are “disappointing” – the state has a “deplorable high school graduation rate,” Oregon is “failing to protect” vulnerable foster care children, and “schools are in a classroom funding crisis.”

“Return Brown to office and she’ll give the issue the same lip service she has in the past. She hasn’t done enough.”

The Bulletin is instead encouraging Oregonians to vote for Knute Buehler, who will chart “a new path forward” for the state. “A moderate Republican, he will balance the Legislature’s Democratic tilt” and “bring new ideas to the table.”

“Don’t let Brown have another four years. Vote instead for Knute Buehler,” concludes The Bulletin.