BANKROLLED BY CALIFORNIA: Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams’ Campaign Funded By Radical California Liberals

Since launching her campaign for Georgia’s highest office, Stacey Abrams’ candidacy has been bankrolled by a network of far-left California donors, including San Francisco liberals Susan Sandler and Steve Phillips, who plan to funnel $10 million through the Abrams-aligned powerPAC to bolster her radical campaign. This week powerPAC bought its first general election ad in Georgia.

On its website, powerPAC lists the New Georgia Project (NGP), which Abrams founded, as a partnered organization. Abrams has attracted controversy for her ties to the NGP, facing accusations that she used the group to solicit donors through hidden political funds, only to funnel the money into her own pockets, allowing her to take in nearly half a million dollars personally.

While Abrams continues to refuse requests for transparency about her activities while funding her campaign with far-left groups and donors like Sandler and Phillips, her radical California-style agenda would only take Georgia backwards.