Baltimore Sun Endorses Governor Larry Hogan For Re-Election: He’s “The Right Leader For Maryland”

The Baltimore Sun is reversing its position from 2014, when it endorsed the Democrat nominee for Maryland governor, and is now supporting Republican Governor Larry Hogan for re-election. Praising his efforts to protect healthcare, reform the criminal justice system, clean up the Chesapeake Bay, bring jobs back to Maryland, and deal with unrest in Baltimore, The Baltimore Sun recommends that voters re-elect Governor Hogan.

“We have long argued for the importance of a viable two-party system in Maryland, and he has provided it largely without the kind of partisan acrimony that’s now ubiquitous in Washington,” notes The Baltimore Sun.

Ben Jealous, Governor Hogan’s far-left Democrat opponent, has not “made the case to replace Governor Hogan.”

Larry Hogan “has lived up to his promise to govern in a way that reflects Maryland’s ‘middle temperament,'” concludes The Baltimore Sun. “He was the right leader for Maryland during his first term, and we believe he will be again for a second. He has our endorsement.”