AZ DEBATE: Hobbs nowhere to be found

Photo credit: Ross D. Franklin—AP

It’s official. Katie Hobbs no-showed for the Arizona gubernatorial debate, while Kari Lake explained directly to voters her vision to keep Arizona prosperous and the border secure.

Take a look…

WATCH: Kari Lake on Hobbs refusing to debate.


Lake: “This is a job interview. This should have been a debate. And we are doing a job interview, and you, the people of Arizona, are the hiring agent. I will be working for you and unfortunately my opponent doesn’t have the courage and doesn’t have the respect for the people of Arizona to show up here, sit on this stage and take these same questions. “
WATCH: Kari Lake on the economy & ensuring Arizona continues to grow as people move there from blue states.


Lake: “We’re growing as a state. As these blue states continue to push dead end, destructive policies like California, Oregon, Washington, and Illinois—and I could list them all—we’re watching as people are moving in. And we’re watching as companies want to relocate here… So, we’re gonna work on infrastructure, securing the border, stopping the cartels from bringing drugs across and poisoning our young people.”
WATCH: Kari Lake on keeping the border secure.


Lake: We have the right as a state – we are sovereign – to protect our border and we intend to do it and we are ready for the legal fight… We’re going to figure out the people who want to sue us for wanting safe streets… Who wants to prevent us from having safe streets? Who wants to prevent the people of Arizona from getting deadly fentanyl out of our state? I don’t like being known as the state where fentanyl pours in. I want to be known as the Grand Canyon state. I want to be known as the state with the greatest people – the hardest-working people in the country. I don’t want to be known as the fentanyl pipeline.”