Arizona’s Economy Continues To Grow Stronger Thanks To GOP Governor Doug Ducey’s Pro-Job Policies

Arizona’s economy continues to roar under GOP Governor Doug Ducey and is expected to add 69,000 new jobs this year, according to a new forecast from Arizona State University. The Arizona Republic reports that Arizona’s economy will continue to expand this year due to job gains and population growth.

“Arizona placed among the top 10 states in 2017 for job creation, domestic in-migration, population growth and other key measures, with further momentum likely this year and perhaps beyond.”

Governor Doug Ducey set out to bring jobs and businesses back to Arizona, and it’s clear that his pro-growth policies are working. More jobs and economic growth means more tax revenue, and that’s given Governor Ducey the resources to raise teacher pay to help schools. Governor Ducey has proven time and time again that he gets the job done.