Arizona GOP Governor Doug Ducey’s Be Connected Program Serving As A National Model for Success

Under the leadership of Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, the Be Connected program – a statewide effort to address rising veteran suicide rates – is gaining national attention for its positive results and is now serving as a model for promising bipartisan federal legislation.

The Be Connected Program focuses on early intervention by connecting servicemembers, veterans and families to information, support and resources, and has shown measurable results in the pilot program with the Arizona National Guard. Operated by the Arizona Coalition for Military Families, a public-private partnership between the governor’s office, the Arizona Department of Veteran Services and other public and private sector organizations, Be Connected is a statewide interdisciplinary effort to help the men, women, and families who have sacrificed for our nation.

Be Connected is part of Governor Ducey’s ongoing commitment to prioritizing Arizona’s veterans, and now has the opportunity to provide solutions for veterans across the country.