Anyone But Whitmer: Michigan Dems Desperately Try, But Fail, To Recruit Gary Peters To Run For Governor

As frontrunner Democrat gubernatorial candidate Gretchen Whitmer fails to catch fire in Michigan, her party continues to grow even more dissatisfied with her lackluster campaign as they desperately search for an alternative. MIRS News reports that Democrat U.S. Senator Gary Peters has been approached by Democrat and labor leaders to enter the 2018 gubernatorial race amid fears for Whitmer’s lack of support among Michigan voters, but he refused, claiming to be not interested.

Peters joins Dan Kildee, Mark Bernstein, and Andy Levin as the latest top Democrat candidate to refuse calls to enter the race as an alternative to Whitmer, leaving the party stuck with its lackluster frontrunner as she struggles to handle questions regarding her controversial record and tries to fight off a deep-pocketed primary challenger seeking to “disrupt” her “coronation.”

Michigan Democrats are so desperate to find someone other than Gretchen Whitmer to be their gubernatorial nominee, they’ve even tried to pull one of their party’s incumbent U.S. Senators into the race. Their growing desperation further shows how worried Democrats are for their party’s chances in November with Whitmer at the top of their ticket.