Amid Gov. Hogan’s Strong Approval Ratings, Maryland Dem Gov Candidates Struggle To Find Running Mates

According to a new report from Maryland Matters, GOP Governor Larry Hogan’s sky-high 71% approval rating in Maryland is making it difficult for his Democrat gubernatorial opponents to find running mates. Maryland Dems don’t seem willing to risk their political futures on campaigns that refuse to answer even the most basic policy questions. With Governor Hogan getting results and in a strong position for re-election, Dems will continue to struggle with convincing others to join their ticket.

Maryland Matters reports,

“The long shadow being cast by Gov. Lawrence J. Hogan (R) may make it difficult for the Democrats running against him to find a high-profile running mate.”

“‘…I have not — and I’m being totally honest with you — I’ve not heard of anybody,’ said longtime State House lobbyist Bruce C. Bereano.  ‘And I’m a registered Democrat.’”

“Former Attorney General Douglas F. Gansler (D) thinks Hogan’s popularity and war chest will make it difficult for gubernatorial candidates to find a top-tier ticket mate.”

“‘The problem is there’s a perception that Gov. Hogan, with 71 percent favorable, an incumbent [who may eventually have] upwards of $25 million in his account, will be tough to beat,’ Gansler said. ‘That’s one reason that this is taking so long.’”