Alternative facts from Tony Evers

Photo Credit: CNN

ICYMI, Governor Tony Evers is already under fire for his first TV ad of the 2022 cycle, where he presents some interesting alternative facts.

Evers claims he worked across the aisle to pass tax cuts. The reality is far different:

  • Evers proposed a $1 billion increase in taxes.
  • Wisconsin Republicans took matters into their own hands, scrapped his budget, and wrote their own to include a $2 billion tax cut.
  • Evers quickly admitted defeat and signed the Republican tax cuts into law.

“Governor Tony Evers’ new TV ad consists of flat-out lies,” said RGA Spokeswoman Maddie Anderson. “Unfortunately for Evers, Wisconsin voters aren’t as dumb as he apparently thinks they are.”
Milwaukee Journal SentinelGov. Tony Evers is casting himself as someone who works with Republicans, but he rarely talks to GOP leaders

Democratic Gov. Tony Evers is campaigning as if he works closely with Republicans who control the Legislature even though he rarely talks to legislative leaders.

The lack of communication between the first-term governor and GOP leaders has been well established, and each side has blamed the other for the situation. Overlooking their history, Evers launched a re-election ad Monday that said he “worked with Republicans and Democrats to pass middle-class income tax relief.”

“Folks, there’s too much division in politics today. That’s why I’m focused on bringing people together to get the results that matter,” Evers said in the ad.

The two sides barely spoke during budget deliberations last year. Republicans tossed aside Evers’ proposal to raise some taxes and cut others and then wrote their own plan to cut income taxes by more than $2 billion over two years. Evers quickly signed their plan, calling it a victory for the middle class.

Republicans treated Evers’ ad as revisionist history.