Albuquerque gets more dangerous under MLG

Photo credit: CNN

99 homicides — Albuquerque has never been more dangerous than it is now under Governor Lujan Grisham.

Take a look at what New Mexicans are tuning into as they watch Albuquerque smash the previous record of 81 murders set in 2018:

Too bad Lujan Grisham still refuses to send the National Guard to the border to help halt the uncontrollable flow of drugs like the governors of Texas and Arizona or call a special session to address the growing crime wave in her state.

“Governor Lujan Grisham slammed Republicans for their efforts to prevent violent crime last year, saying it was all about ‘stoking fear,'” said RGA spokesman Will Reinert. “Yet the only solution Lujan Grisham brings to the table to keep New Mexicans safe is for the state legislature to implement more gun control next year.”