After Falling To 95-Year Low, DGA’s Dan Malloy Says Dem Govs Had A “Good” 2016

Say what now?

Connecticut’s Democrat Governor Dan Malloy – Chairman of the Democratic Governors Association – has said and done some real head scratching things over the years – but this new quote might take the cake.

In a recent interview with Roll Call, Malloy claimed that the DGA had a “relatively good year” in 2016 – despite losing a net 2 governorships and falling to a 95-year low of only 16 Democrat governors. The number of Democrat governors in America has fallen by 35.7% since 2008, losses worse than any other group of elected officials. If 2016 was a “good year” for Democrat governors, one can only wonder what a “bad year” would look like.

Roll Call reports:

“In a very bad year, we had a relatively good year,’ said DGA Chairman Dan Malloy, the governor of Connecticut….”