3 kids under 2 dead from fentanyl

Photo credit: State Journal

Yesterday, WDJT reported on a tragic milestone in Wisconsin: three children under the age of two have died of fentanyl overdoses since July. The Milwaukee County Medical Examiner says they have never seen statistics like this before, and that these tragedies speak to how readily available these dangerous drugs are in the community.


There has been a dramatic nationwide increase in deadly drugs flowing across the southern border due to President Biden’s nonexistent handling of the border crisis.

Can Wisconsinites count on Governor Tony Evers to act to stop the deadly drugs from coming into communities? Let’s see…not only did he refuse calls this summer to utilize his resources and send National Guard troops to help the overwhelmed border patrol agents, but one of his first actions as governor was to pull National Guard troops from the border, saying there was no evidence of a crisis.

Evers needs to update his messaging, and help get things under control. Three babies dying from fentanyl overdoses in just a few months is surely evidence of a crisis.