2,400 nursing home deaths. What else is Whitmer hiding?

Photo credit: Dale Young

Gretchen Whitmer’s administration forced Covid-positive patients into nursing homes and long term care facilities, and then failed to report thousands of deaths.

As Whitmer and her team try to deflect and defend her deadly decisions, Michiganders must begin to wonder, what else is Whitmer hiding from them?

“Michigan families are searching for answers as their worst fears are confirmed: Gretchen Whitmer and her team underreported over 2,400 nursing home deaths,” said RGA Spokesperson Chris Gustafson. “It’s time for Whitmer to own up to her deadly mistakes and come clean to families who were forced to say goodbye to their loved ones through nursing home windows.”

In case you missed it…

Whitmer administration hid COVID-19 nursing home deaths. What else?
The Detroit News
Greg McNeilly
January 20, 2022


It would be hard to choose any other word to describe Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s decision in April of 2020 to bring patients with COVID-19 into the state’s nursing homes and long-term care facilities where Michigan’s oldest, sickest and most physically frail residents get their treatment and spend their lives.

It turns out the governor’s move may have been even more deadly than we knew.

Earlier this week, Michigan’s independent, non-partisan auditor general released the results of its investigation into COVID-related deaths in Michigan’s nursing homes. Astoundingly, they found the Whitmer administration had under-reported nursing home deaths by a staggering 42%.

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