2016 Redux? Fellow Dems Accuse Michelle Lujan Grisham and New Mexico Dem Party of “Rigging” Primary Process

New Mexico Democrat gubernatorial candidates, Jeff Apodaca and Joseph Cervantes, are now accusing Michelle Lujan Grisham and the New Mexico Democrat state party of “rigging” the primary process.

According to a report, Apodaca says “he personally saw paid campaign staffers for Lujan Grisham” committing campaign violations at recent elections for delegates to the statewide convention, and that the New Mexico Democrat state party is helping the Lujan Grisham campaign flout the rules. Only a few days ago, Cervantes made similar claims, tweeting there have been “countless violations by campaigns for delegate elections.” By “rigging” the delegate process, Lujan Grisham may be able to kick all of her Democrat opponents off the ballot and run unopposed.

The troubling charges are highly reminiscent of the Democrat 2016 presidential primary, when the Democratic National Committee worked behind the scenes to help Hillary Clinton at the expense of Bernie Sanders. The accusations also ring true because Lujan Grisham is already infamous for her hyper-partisan approach to politics.

Regardless of what comes next, this new “rigging” scandal is likely to further divide New Mexico Democrats and raise even more questions about whether Lujan Grisham can be trusted to serve as governor.