15 shootings and 3 homicides

Photo credit: Michelle Stocker

Following a violent weekend in Milwaukee, with 15 shootings and 3 homicides, Wisconsin families are concerned for their safety and state lawmakers are calling on Governor Tony Evers to bring in the National Guard to quell the increasing violence.

WEAU news anchor: “The city of Milwaukee has one of the highest crime rates in the country, and after another rash of deadly shootings, one state lawmaker is calling it a ‘warzone.’ The Republican from Waukesha county is asking the Governor to bring in the National Guard, but Governor Evers says not so fast.”

Governor Evers: “It doesn’t make sense to me, I’m sorry.”


“Wisconsinites should not be surprised that Governor Evers is refusing to crack down on violent crime and protect the streets of Wisconsin,” said RGA Spokesperson Maddie Anderson. “This is the same Governor who failed miserably in protecting his state during the Kenosha riots, and who said he would not change anything he did during the catastrophic unrest. If anyone assumed Evers had learned from his fatal mistakes, they were wrong. Evers prioritizes partisanship over enforcing law and order at every opportunity, and it is shameful.”