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Site Selection Magazine: 9 of 10 Most Competitive States Have GOP Governors

Site Selection Magazine published its list of the top ten most competitive states today, and nine of them have Republican governors.

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Yesterday, Chief Executive Magazine released its annual rankings of the best and worst states for business.  States with Republican governors hold 9 of the top 10 spots and 20 of the top 25 spots in their rankings.

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Site Selection Most Competitive States                      Chief Executive Best States for Business

  1. Virginia                                                                                  1.   Texas
  2. Texas                                                                                     2.   Florida
  3. Ohio                                                                                       3.   North Carolina
  4. Louisiana                                                                             4.   Tennessee
  5. North Carolina                                                                     5.   Indiana
  6. Utah                                                                                       6.   Virginia
  7. Tennessee                                                                           7.   South Carolina
  8. Pennsylvania                                                                       8.   Georgia
  9. Georgia                                                                                 9.   Utah
  10. Alabama                                                                             10.  Arizona
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