Gov. Bobby Jindal (LA)


Progress in Louisiana under Gov. Bobby Jindal

  • Louisiana’s state GDP has grown by $36 billion since 2008 and it’s growing at nearly twice the rate of our nation’s GDP. In fact, Louisiana’s GDP growth over the last five years ranked eighth best in the U.S. and third best in the South.
  • Louisiana has had an unemployment rate below the national average throughout the recession, and continues to add jobs and grow at a faster rate than the country as a whole. Louisiana is one of only a handful of states that have more jobs now than at the beginning of the recession.
  • Per capita personal income in current dollars in Louisiana has increased by more than $3,600 over the last five years. Louisiana’s per capita income rank has jumped 16 spots since 2000 and is now at its second highest ranking in more than 80 years.
  • According to Southern Business & Development, Louisiana has attracted more significant business development projects per capital than any other Southern state for the last four years in a row. Additionally, Pollina Corporate Real Estate recently released their updated national business climate rankings, showing Louisiana has climbed to 14th, its highest ranking ever. Louisiana has climbed 26 spots since 2008, making it the most improved state in the nation over the past five years.
  • Louisiana is ranked top ten in three national rankings for business climate and we are considered most improved by Chief Executive Magazine and others.
  • In 2013, Governor Jindal completed the transition of the state’s government-run hospital system to public-private partnerships, which will save taxpayers more than $125 million per year and improve quality of care while expanding access to services.
  • Louisiana’s high school graduation rate has reached an all-time high of 72.3 percent in 2013. That’s a six-point increase over the past five years.
  • Under Governor Jindal’s leadership, Louisiana has become a national leader in student achievement at charter schools while 80 percent of New Orleans students now attend charter schools.