RGA Right Direction PAC Releases New TV Ad Campaign: Shawn Wilson’s Sweetheart Deal

WASHINGTON, D.C. RGA Right Direction PAC today launched a new ad in the Louisiana gubernatorial general election, “Kingmaker.”

The 30-second ad will air on television and digital platforms statewide with a significant investment.

“Kingmaker” exposes the sweetheart deal Shawn Wilson handed out to Democrat mega-donor Jim Bernhard. Instead of choosing the most qualified bidder, Wilson chose to line the pockets of special interests.

“Shawn Wilson expects Louisianans to trust him to run the entire state when they couldn’t even trust him to run the Department of Transportation. Shawn Wilson may be good at rigging contracts, but he’d be a disaster for the state,” said Courtney Alexander, RGA National Press Secretary.


A decision at the Department of Transportation is raising eyebrows…

The Shawn Wilson Scandal.

To build a bridge, Wilson handed out a sweetheart deal – to the least qualified bidder.

Two other firms received higher grades and were not selected. The winner is owned by Baton Rouge businessman Jim Bernhard.

And that Jim Bernhard, well, he’s a Democrat mega-donor.

We never got a bridge, but Shawn Wilson’s friends got paid.