RGA Launches “The Real Josh Stein” Website

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Republican Governors Association (RGA) announced today the launch of “The Real Josh Stein” to arm North Carolinians with the truth about Josh Stein’s record in public office.

Josh Stein has aligned himself with the agenda of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, has consistently prioritized the interests of national Democrat allies over the needs of North Carolina families, and despite his claims of being the state’s “top law enforcement officer,” North Carolina’s safety and well-being has deteriorated under his watch.

View the site here.

Get to know The Real Josh Stein:

Joe Biden’s Biggest Fan: Stein’s unwavering support for Biden and Harris, coupled with significant funding from out-of-state donors, raises questions about his commitment to North Carolina’s interests.

A Failure on Crime and Safety: Under Stein, North Carolina has seen a marked increase in danger and crime, contradicting his promises to protect families.

A Spiking Drug Crisis: The opioid crisis has escalated dramatically, with drug overdose deaths reaching unprecedented levels under his leadership.

Shutting Down Our Schools: Stein’s support for prolonged school closures during the COVID pandemic has contributed to significant learning losses among school-aged children.