RGA Launches Initial Seven-Figure Ad Campaign in North Carolina Gubernatorial Race

Ad exposes Josh Stein’s weak immigration policies that are putting North Carolina families at risk

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Republican Governors Association (RGA) launched its first ad in the North Carolina gubernatorial election, “Weak,” backed by an initial seven-figure investment.

“Weak” exposes Josh Stein for lying to North Carolina families as he claims there are “no sanctuary cities” in North Carolina when the reality is that counties across North Carolina are taking dangerous stands and refusing to cooperate with immigration officials.

The ad features Davidson County Sheriff Richie Simmons who details Stein’s dangerous position on immigration that allows for criminal illegal aliens to be released back onto the streets.

The spot will air on cable, broadcast, and digital platforms.

View the ad here.


NEWS ANCHOR: General Stein, what’s the status of sanctuary cities in North Carolina?

STEIN: There are no sanctuary cities in North Carolina.

VO: Josh Stein is lying to you.

SHERIFF SIMMONS: Here is the truth. Several North Carolina counties are refusing to cooperate with deportation officials.

All of these criminal illegal aliens were released back on the street, including a sex offender.

STEIN: I just don’t think it’s real.

I just don’t think it’s real.

SHERIFF SIMMONS: Trust me, the threat is very real.