RGA Issues Statement on Shawn Wilson’s Disastrous Record Following Louisiana Gubernatorial Debate

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Following this evening’s Louisiana Gubernatorial debate, Republican Governors Association (RGA) released the following statement:

“Tonight’s debate was further proof that Shawn Wilson continues to be all talk, no action. Despite claiming to be a ‘bridge builder,’ Louisiana’s infrastructure got worse, not better under nearly eight years of Wilson’s failed leadership at the Department of Transportation. What’s worse, it has come to light that Wilson used that position to hand out sweetheart deals to Democrat donors. If that’s Shawn Wilson’s record as a ‘bridge builder,’ just imagine how horrible it would be with him leading Louisiana,” said Courtney Alexander, RGA National Press Secretary. 

A look at Shawn Wilson’s failed record: 

-Under Shawn Wilson’s watch Louisiana’s road report card went from a D- to a D+ & he called it a success. Louisiana deserves better.

-Under Wilson’s watch roads got worse, not better, and Louisiana now ranks 49th in the nation for infrastructure.

-Under Wilson’s watch Louisiana has reached an $18 billion backlog in needed repairs, costing Louisiana drivers an extra $650 a year in car repairs.

-To build a bridge Wilson handed out a sweetheart deal to the least qualified bidder who happens to be a Democrat mega-donor. AND the bridge still isn’t built.