RGA Affiliate Releases Two New Ads in Kentucky Highlighting Daniel Cameron’s Record

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Kentucky Values, an entity supported by the Republican Governors Association, launched two new ads in the Kentucky gubernatorial general election; “Strong” and “Endorsed.”

The 15-second spots highlight Daniel Cameron’s proven record of standing up to Joe Biden’s radical agenda and Cameron’s endorsement from Donald Trump. These ads bring Kentucky Values’ investment in the campaign to $10 million to date.

View “Strong” here.

View “Endorsed” here.

“The Biden-Beshear radical agenda is wrong for Kentucky, and that’s why Daniel Cameron fought in court against Joe Biden 23 times, working to secure our borders and stand up for American energy. President Trump and Kentuckians know Daniel Cameron’s proven record means he will stop Biden and Beshear, stand with police to stop violent crime, and get Kentucky’s economy back into gear,” said Courtney Alexander, RGA National Press Secretary.

“Strong” Script:


Biden threw open the borders, Daniel Cameron sued him.

Biden declared war on American energy, Cameron sued again.

Twenty-three times, Cameron fought in court against Biden’s radical agenda.

Daniel Cameron. Strong against Biden. Strong for Kentucky.


“Endorsed” Script:


Daniel Cameron, endorsed by President Trump.

Trump trusts Cameron to stop Biden and Beshear’s radical agenda…

Stand with police to stop violent crime…

And get Kentucky’s economy back into gear.

Daniel Cameron. Endorsed by Trump. Strong for Kentucky.