RGA Affiliate Releases New TV Ad Campaign in Kentucky: Beshear and Biden are One and the Same

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Kentucky Values, an entity supported by the Republican Governors Association, launched a new ad in the Kentucky gubernatorial general election, “Matters.”

The 30-second spot details Andy Beshear’s failed record when it comes to soaring crime, a failing economy, and a radical transgender agenda, just like Joe Biden. The ad will air on television and digital platforms statewide backed by a significant investment.

“Andy Beshear is just like Joe Biden when it comes to the things that really matter for Kentuckians. Whether it’s rising crime, a failing economy, or a radical transgender agenda, the fact is Kentuckians are worse off under Beshear and Biden. Beshear and Biden are one and the same,” said Courtney Alexander, RGA National Press Secretary. 

View the ad here:



On the things that really matter, Andy Beshear is just like Joe Biden.

With crime soaring in Kentucky, Beshear and Biden coddle criminals.

While Biden destroys the economy…

…Beshear destroys Kentucky jobs…

…with fewer people working today than when he took office.

Beshear is even bringing Biden’s radical transgender agenda to Kentucky.

Then lying about it.

Safety. Jobs. And kids.

On the things that really matter, Beshear and Biden are one and the same.