Ralph DLG. Torres is the Governor of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, serving alongside Lieutenant Governor Victor B. Hocog. Born on August 6, 1979, Governor Torres was raised on the island of Saipan until his family moved to Boise, Idaho where he attended high school.

Governor Torres attended Boise State University and earned his bachelor’s degree in Political Science. Prior to this administration, Governor Torres served as Chairman of the Committee on Health and Welfare in the 17th CNMI House of Representatives, President of the 18th CNMI Senate, and as Lt. Governor alongside the late Governor Eloy S. Inos. During his term as Lt. Governor, he took a lead role in the CNMI Interagency War on Ice Task Force, which is the coordinating entity on the CNMI’s efforts to combat Crystal Methamphetamine use and to build a treatment network alongside the CNMI’s Drug Court.

He also served as the Chairman of the Governor’s Special Commission on Economic Opportunity created to alleviate the occurrence of poverty in the CNMI through the development of self-sufficiency among low-income households and the improvement of key indicators toward prosperity such as health, access to services, and employment.

Following the untimely passing of Governor Inos late 2015, Governor Torres ascended to the governorship of the CNMI on December 29, 2015.

As Governor he serves as the Co-Chair of the Strategic Economic Development Council, which brings together public and private sector leaders to discuss critical economic development policies.

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