Fried Agrees as MSNBC Host Compares DeSantis To Fidel

Photo credit: Steve Cannon, AP

Last night, Nikki Fried sat nodding in agreement as an MSNBC host compared Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to the murderous Cuban dictator Fidel Castro during a segment about the newly proposed Florida State Guard.

Watch the clip here.

As of last year, the Cuba Archive had documented Fidel Castro and his regime were directly responsible for the deaths or disappearance of nearly 10,000 Cubans. Additionally, the Castro regime has been responsible for the torture, religious, and political persecution of thousands – many of whom were force to flee to the United States and make Florida home.

Even liberal comedian Sarah Silverman called out Reid’s misinformed critique of the proposal for a new civilian volunteer force that 22 other states including California, New York, and Texas already have.

“Nikki Fried’s agreement with an MSNBC host that Florida’s democratically elected governor reminds her of Fidel Castro is a slap in the face to the tens of thousands of victims of the Castro regime’s murderous brutality,” said RGA spokesperson Joanna Rodriguez. “The sad thing is it isn’t even the first time Fried has shown a complete disregard for Florida Hispanics. Charlie Crist and Annette Taddeo must clarify whether they agree with Fried’s comparison or condemn her immediately.”