Drazan Highlights Oregon Democrats’ Failed Record in First Televised Debate

Photo Credit: Christine Drazan

In tonight’s first televised debate, Christine Drazan reminded Oregonians of their options: if you want more of the same, you have the status quo options of Tina Kotek and Betsy Johnson. While the longtime Democrats attempted to run from their votes that exacerbated the homeless crisis, instituted disastrous pro-drug policies, and kept kids out of the classroom, Drazan reminded voters of her clear vision for a new direction for Oregon.

Watch the highlights here… 

WATCH: Kotek and Johnson have exacerbated drug abuse in the state
Drazan: “You know there is no greater indictment of Tina Kotek’s failed leadership than homelessness. She personally advanced legislation which has created the tent cities that we’re all experiencing now. Both of my opponents on the stage voted to actually enable Measure 110 legislation. Now it’s clearly a failed experiment and now people are coming around, now they’re regretting that vote. All along it was a terrible idea.”

WATCH: Kotek and Johnson voted against reopening schools

Drazan: “You know both of the people on the stage with me today voted against reopening schools. Both of the people on the stage today voted against holding Kate Brown accountable during the shutdowns and certainly over the course of COVID. So, it’s not something that you wish for or you hope for, it was a difficult time for our entire state but I can tell you there were opportunities not to just encourage the governor to do better, but to actually require it and the Speaker of the House declined.”

WATCH: Drazan reminds voters Kotek won’t change the course of the state

Kotek: “Let me get this right, we have people dying, we have an addiction epidemic in our state and we’re gonna spend time repealing it? Do you know how much time that takes? How about we just dig in, make sure the dollars are getting out the door to the people who need it. We can talk about accountability, we can walk and chew gum at the same time. Get more recovery services out there, make sure folks are accountable and frankly get people healthy again.”

Drazan: “And this is the definition of Tina Kotek’s approach to the governor’s office: don’t change course, don’t change direction, keep doing more of the same. Oregonians need change. If we can’t see what’s right in front of us on Measure 110, she won’t see what needs to be changed in any other category. This is the perfect example of why we need change and we cannot have TIna Kotek as our next governor of the state of Oregon.”