Diehl Highlights Maura Healey’s Failures in First Debate

The first debate of the Massachusetts gubernatorial race just wrapped up and there was a stark difference between Democrat Maura Healey’s plans for the future of the Commonwealth and Republican nominee Geoff Diehl’s; especially when it came to addressing affordability, the high costs of heating, and parents’ roles in their child’s education.

On the high costs of living… Diehl restated his pledge to reduce still-high inflation and called out Healey for her support of Question One that would impose a graduated income tax and drain the state of billions of dollars.

On the energy crisis… Diehl pressed Healey on her previous commitments to shut down gas pipelines that would only exacerbate affordability and availability of resources. As voters prepare for skyrocketing heating costs this winter, they know Healey’s climate plan would only increase the burden.

On the role of parents in the classroom… It was made clear that Diehl has the strongest case for empowering parents and offered his commitment to ensuring they have a role in their child’s education.

“After tonight’s debate it’s clear Maura Healey would be nothing more than a rubber stamp on the Biden administration’s failed policies that have exacerbated the affordability crisis across the country,” said RGA Spokeswoman Kaitlin Price. “While Healey did nothing more than prove she would continue to play politics if given another shot at elected office, Geoff Diehl made his plan and vision to improve the Commonwealth very clear.”