New Ad: Taxpayer 💵 on Wagyu Beef

Photo Credit: CNN

We all knew that Governor Lujan Grisham spent taxpayer money on wagyu beef, alcohol and to dry clean đź’© stained rugs caused by her dogs.

Now there is a new ad reminding voters of just that using local news reports, according to a new report by the Albuquerque Journal.

Watch the ad here and see the ad script below:

NEWS CLIP: We are all feeling the pain of inflation, from the grocery store to the gas pump…

ANNOUNCER: Yet Governor Lujan Grisham keeps wasting our tax dollars on her personal interests.

NEWS CLIP: There’s more booze, a lot more food, and some items that may surprise you. 

ANNOUNCER: Dry cleaning… Cleaning up after her dog… A lavish party for donors…

NEWS CLIP: Taxpayers also paid for a new doggy door. That gives you the opportunity to make that decision: are these expenditures OK with you or not?

ANNOUNCER: Tell the Governor: stop wasting our tax dollars.