Charlie Open To Bringing Back Mask MandatesĀ šŸ˜·

Photo credit: Joe Raedle

Florida Democrat Charlie Crist is open to bringing back mask mandates if elected governor, according to video released from Fox News Digital Friday afternoon:

“A video obtained by Fox News Digital shows former Florida governor and current Congressman Charlie Crist, D-Fla., telling attendees at a campaign event in Wilton Manors, Florida, that if he were elected, he would be open to a statewide mask mandate.

“An event attendee asked, “Congressman, thank you for coming. You mentioned the pandemic. Hopefully it is behind us. But as Floridaā€™s governor, would you be open to mandating or regulating masks?”

“‘I would be open to doing what scientists advise ā€”Ā not political scientists,’ Crist responded. ‘Yes.Ā I just read an article this morning. I’m glad you brought it up. So I’m going to the airport right after this. Iā€™m going to Orlando, and I’m going to wear a mask on the plane. You don’t have to anymore, but I’m going to because Florida is experiencing an uptick that began this week. And it’s not even the Omicron B2. Itā€™s a new variant.'”

“Charlie Crist has consistentlyĀ expressed his desire to implementĀ draconian mandates on the state since the start of his campaign,”Ā said RGA spokesperson Joanna Rodriguez. “If elected, Charlie Crist would be just another ‘rules for thee, not for me’ Democrat hypocrite. He already is, claiming COVID prevents him from showing up for his taxpayer-funded job in Washington while running around maskless to campaign in Florida.”