As Ben Jealous Campaigns With Bernie Sanders in Maryland, Where Does Kevin Kamenetz Stand On State-Run Medicare-For-All?

Another day, another refusal by Democrat gubernatorial candidate Ben Jealous to detail how much his radical spending plans will cost Maryland taxpayers.

Ahead of a “Medicare-for-All” rally with Bernie Sanders, Jealous released his “plan” for Maryland to create a state-run and managed healthcare system, while conveniently leaving out crucial details like how much the plan would cost taxpayers.

The Baltimore Sun reports that Jealous left “unanswered such questions as how much it will cost and whether Marylanders would have a choice of participating.”

This is the first litmus test of the gubernatorial primary for Democrat candidates – where do they stand on forcing Maryland into a state-run and managed healthcare system? Do other Democratic candidates for governor, like Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz, support the Bernie-Jealous Medicare-for-All healthcare plan?

Kevin Kamenetz and other Democrat gubernatorial candidates owe voters an answer – do they agree with Ben Jealous that Maryland should pass massive tax hikes to pay for a government run healthcare system?

It’s time for Ben Jealous to put numbers behind his radical spending plans, and it’s time for his fellow Democrats to weigh in.