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New RGA Ad: Tom Barrett Would Take Wisconsin Backwards

The Republican Governors Association began airing a new television ad in Wisconsin today detailing how Tom Barrett would take the state back to the failed policies of former Governor Jim Doyle. Visit www.HigherTaxesFewerJobs.com to view the spot.

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“Wisconsin voters know what life would be like with Tom Barrett as governor because they’ve already lived it under Jim Doyle,” said RGA Executive Director Phil Cox. “The Doyle-Barrett formula of bigger government and higher taxes simply hasn’t worked.”

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“As governor, Jim Doyle raised taxes by more than $2 billion, and the unemployment rate spiked by 37 percent,” Cox added. “In Milwaukee, Tom Barrett’s increased taxes nearly every year he’s been mayor and unemployment is up more than 25 percent.  The same high tax policies have produced the same high unemployment results – and that’s why voters said ‘no’ to Tom Barrett less than two years ago.”

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“Fortunately, Scott Walker has moved Wisconsin forward, away from the failed policies of Jim Doyle,” Cox continued.  “Under Governor Walker, taxpayers have saved more than $1 billion, property taxes are down and the state has added thousands of jobs.  Wisconsin needs to continue the progress it has made with Scott Walker.

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